Betelgeuse is a 10 day game open to any registered user of and skill. The game closes roughly 5 days after it starts.

Bots Edit

There are 3 bots in Betelgeuse of varying names. They all expand and grow similarly - into a diamond shape for around 20 squares out of their city, with smaller lines going out across the map to collect coins, or to attack other players or bots.

Their growth tactics over a 12 hour period are to expand, however towards and over 12 hours after spawning they'll begin to heavily build up their defences, and will become increasingly difficult to capture the longer they are left.

Bots will reply to messages sent to them, but often with generic responses. You'll generally be able to tell if they are artificial or not.

Terrain Edit

The terrain of Betelgeuse is made up of walls, hills, mountains, lakes and rivers. The walls are like barriers, and are uncrossable unless you coin hop. The hills have a range of about 1500-3000 people needed to be able to cross one. The mountains are uncrossable, but will usually be found towards the middle of areas of hill. The rivers are higher than hills, and will generally require from 9000 to 16 000 people to cross, and lakes over 10 000 but under 20 000.

You can now also find uncrossable rapids in rivers and unfillable lakes which act like walls, and will stop you from crossing in that particular place.

Winning and Top 5 places Edit

At the end of a Betelgeuse game, the top player with the largest area will achieve first place, and their rank 1 will count towards a "Long game rank 1" achievement. The next top 4 players with the largest areas will get a count towards a "Long game top 5" achievement.