Capricorn Edit

Capricorn is the third game found on the game list after Andromeda and Betelgeuse. They are approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes long, and close at about 45 minutes in. These games require a minimum of 3 500 skill points to unlock.

Terrain: Edit

The terrain comprises of hills requiring from 100-1000 people to cross, rivers requiring around 5000 to 10 000 people to cross, lakes requiring similar, and mountains that are uncrossable. Unlike all other maps, this map is rich in gold and silver coins. This map is also the first in the list of games to contain lost cities that spawn fairly frequently, and have a low population to capture.

Bots: Edit

Again there are 3 bots in Capricorn of varying names. They are slow movers, and each clicked square has around 30-40 population put on to it. They are also fairly aware of attacks, and will build up their city when you get near.